Today was THAT day…..every year there is one perfect day in May…a day when the sky is crystal clear and blue all day long, the temperature is in the high 70’s, there is no wind (only a slight  breeze every so often) the grass is totally green and the trees and shrubs are decorated in lacy spring-green budding leaves, birds are singing, flitting among the bushes and building nests.  I dug and planted, potted and watered…..I sat here and there on benches and chairs and rocks and simply right in the middle of a garden patch and spent quiet moments dreaming, imagining what this garden of mine will look like in full bloom and I praised God for this perfect day! Yes, this is the day….I want to yell STOP!…STOP time stop right here….let it be May 17 for 30 days….give me 30 days of this day….then it can be May 18th and continue on for the summer.   Perhaps heaven is a little like THIS DAY!!!! 

“This is the day the Lord  has made let us rejoice and be glad in it!!!!!”   Psalm 118:24