I walked up on my hill early this morning to watch the sun rise!!

I thought how utterly amazing that I could see this brilliant, golden globe rising from the horizon…I am THIS close to a star!!!! My imagination went wild as I thought of the gazillions of stars in the sky …all that bright and dazzling light that I am seeing is shining from each and every one of them! How mind boggling is that?

It is truly awe inspiring that our Creator chose this earth planet, out of all those He made, to put flora and fauna, and seas and birds, beasts and fishes and me!!!

Then I thought about how in just a few days (August 21, 2017) in the miraculous scheme of orbiting planets and moons, our very own moon is going to pass in front of that ginormous sun! It will block out its brilliance, its light, its life giving warmth for a very few minutes… a very few breath holding minutes!

There will be a very few minutes of darkness and the chill of no light.

When Jesus hung on the cross that very same darkness covered the earth but lasted an agonizing three hours!
The “Light of The World” had gone out!
The Bible tells us He descended into hell!
BUT on the third day the SON rose again…ablaze and brilliant…
Just like He said He would!
Think of that every morning at sunrise!