Just call me Junkmail Judy….. challenged to come up with ten crafts using recycled materials I have a new appreciation for junkmail. 

Every year I put on an Advent Festival at church to make crafts for Christmas.  Being sensitive to the economy this year I decided I should spend as little as possible.  Aha, I thought, how about a “Green” festival this year.  My goal was to not buy any new materials or supplies.  Pondering my new assignment,  I sat staring at a stack of holiday catalogs. Aha, I thought, a perfect medium.  Out came my scissors and a glue stick.  To date I have come up with: Two different table top trees, one quilled and one folded, bells, snowflakes, an angel and my mind is still reeling with possibilities.  I tried these and some other recycled crafts on about 60 people, from seniors to preschoolers yesterday. All were thrilled with the outcome and carried home a bag (recycled of course) full of goodies to trim the house this holiday season!  I had so much fun and had only to purchase some glue.  I’d love to share the possibilities with others of like mind! Happy crafting!!!!