Can’t believe the world is trying to pass me by.  Where has the time gone?  Well here I am in 2011 and now 69 years old. (I know, I can’t possible be that old) and I hope a bit wiser.  I am learning to be content with all that I have, to count my blessings and just savor every moment of every day! Finally I have come to terms with the critters in my garden.  I have been so stressed out over the deer and bunnies eating everything….and I said to myself “no more” this Spring I planted only things they had not eaten in the past and fenced off a little area around my patio for the flowers.  So altho not as colorful as it was many years ago….it is green and I am at peace with the wildlife. As a matter of fact we have seen a mama bear and her cub pass through the yard a couple of times and have a gorgeous 4 point buck that enjoys the shade near our porch.  Ahhhhhh God is good, I am in awesome wonder at His great creation!