I think it was Elvis who sang the song Memories.  One line is, “Memories, pressed between the pages of my mind.”  What a visual!!  Can’t you just see the worn and faded pages? Do you slowly turn the pages of your mind finding long lost treasures you’ve tucked there? ….I do, I often spend time lingering over the the pages of my mind..discovering bits and pieces of memories I’ve lovingly preserved between the pages.

I recently attended a dear cousin’s memorial service and several family members and friends shared many memories about this much loved man.  I thought how sad it was that he was not there to hear those stories and to add his own to the retelling. It is so sad that we often, or almost always, wait until someone is gone to recall memories we hold dear.  Just imagine the joy of recalling memories together……not waiting.  That is exactly what I plan to do.  I am going on a journey, a virtual search through my mental scrapbook   and I am going to share precious memories I find pressed between the pages of my mind.

Ah…my friend, come over here and sit,

I’ve got a mightly hankerin’ to reminisce a bit.

I want to stroll down memory lane, together you and I.

I want to talk about those happy days gone by.

I want to hear the music we listened to back then,

Don’t those “old” tunes take you back again?

Let’s taste the milk and honey of the memories we share

As we wander back to those days without a care.

I want to laugh at something silly until my sides split.

I surely have a hankerin’ to reminisce a bit.

Oh, my friend, we’ll laugh and probably we’ll cry

As we walk down memory lane, together you and I.

Then sometime in the future I hope we’ll sit together just this way

And we can reminisce about the fun we had today.