Do you remember that comic strip character? The rifle toting hunter after our beloved “waskily wabbit” Bugs Bunny?!

Well I had all but forgotten him in the midst of growing up and older until one day…..

Lexie was about three years old, I went to visit and she was out front..the wide driveway was her canvas as she meticulously covered it with chalk art. She had lots of hearts, stick figures, scribbles and her name in every color of chalk!!!! After our greetings of lots of hugs and kisses she pointed to a clear spot on the driveway and said, “draw Elmer Fudd right there!” “Wow Lexie” I said, “I don’t think I remember what Elmer Fudd looks like”, undaunted she went to her huge box of chalk, rummaged through it and came up with a blue-green piece, handed it to me, pointed at the chalk and said, “He is in there just make him come out!”

I stood there amazed at the wonder of a three year old and knew I had the smartest granddaughter on the face of the earth!

As I think back on that wonderful day I wonder are we all pieces of chalk in God’s hand?? Has He been making me “come out”?? Have I “come out” the way He intended?? My stick of chalk is getting shorter and is not much more than a stub… I do hope there is more ‘good’ God can draw out of me!!!