Like most homemakers, or at least I like to think I am like most, I am continually ‘redoing’ something. Move the furniture, buy some new pillows, hang a new picture, paint a wall…well you get the idea! So this spring as I was thinking of making things more colorful around here I happened upon Bohemian decor (you can find anything on Pinterest). Oh, I thought I love that…I have always loved bright brilliant colors…lime green, , tangerine, purple, red, yellow… I guess that is the Gypsy in my soul, my Slovak genes…almost Bohemian!!!

So I said to myself…that is a little ‘much’ for a room in the house but how about my back porch? I love that porch!! Sooooo I started with bright striped cushions, using every bright colored scrap in my stash of fabric then I made the most outrageous, bright pillows for the settee, bright cloths for the tables, hanging windsock of every color imaginable, painted cowboy boots and pots of flowers and twisted yards and yards and yards of bright colored rags to roll round and round to make chairs mats! That should satisfy that craving for color… that Gypsy in my soul! But no…I sit in all my Bohemian glory and think…what more does this porch need? I could add this or that or I could paint one more hunk of junk ….when is enough enough??? Enough color, enough plants, enough whimsy enough joy?

I am preparing this beautiful though crazy spot to spend a few months in this summer while Jesus is busy preparing a place for me in heaven (John 14:2) for ETERNITY.. I am sure that will finally be enough, more than enough…love, joy and color!!