My older two had spread their wings and left the nest…we had just moved them up to college.  My heart was in my throat as I drove the “baby” to his first day of Middle School.  As he disappeared into the throng of kids I sat in my car thinking, “OK, I still have six full years with him at home…that’s a good long time isn’t it?”  Then I blinked my eyes and we were in the parking lot at C.U. hugging our goodbyes….. his first year of college.

Wasn’t it only last week that he got married?  Didn’t we just welcome his first born yesterday?  Now, today, we are welcoming his third born child into the family.

In a few weeks our daughter takes two of our grandsons to the very same Middle School and I want to shout, “Daughter, don’t blink your eyes, sweetheart, don’t blink your eyes!”