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Month: June 2009

About that hole in the fence

My son loves bringing his boys “back home” (to his “home” that is) to  visit Baba and Zedo and to show them the old climbing tree, the remains of a fort in a tree, the path to school and the junk yard that holds all the broken bikes, Tonka trucks and homemade go-carts of his youth.  He enthralls them with stories of his childhood escapades and adventures.  So I’ll let him tell you, in his own words, about that hole in the fence.

“I have decided not to fix that hole in the fence and I have given up on the grass-less dirt spot in the lawn right under the swing.  They add character to our yard, but more importantly they provide entertainment for the boys (and I am sure sister will love em too).  I imagine them bringing their kids over to see Baba and Zedo and telling their kids all about the “short cut” out of the yard through the hole in the fence.  If I ever replace the fence I will put a half picket there to preserve the hole.”

Containing Joy

There they were, two little boys on the porch jumping up and down and shouting “She’s, here, Baba is here!” As I parked the car and got out they ran across the lawn and through the hole in the fence (I’ll tell you more about that hole in another post) and into my arms!!!! What absolute joy filled my heart….can a Baba hold so much exuberance, joy and love in her being? I think not…it bubbled out and overflowed. Wow do I love those boys!

Believe it or not

Sunday morning, June 14…..5:35 am…..I opened my eyes… I was facing the window and a movement caught my attention. A deer I thought (of which we have many wandering through our yard day in and day out)  but as I focused my eyes I did a double take…believe it or not a magnificent adolecent mountain lion was standing just outside my window.  He wasn’t more than 10 feet from me!  Golden in color, muscular and regal, he looked my way then walked nonchalantly away.  I yelled for my husband Del, “Quick, look there is a mountain lion just outside the window! “  Unfortunately he did not get to see it.

What a way to start the day! Believe it or not!!!!! a mountain lion up close and personal!!!!!

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