I walked out the door early this morning and just like many, but not all mornings for the past few weeks, a lovely scent wrapped itself around me. I sniffed through my garden trying to find the source. Earlier I had thought it was chokecherry…but the chokecherry blossoms are long gone. I sniffed every tree, weed and plant but could not find it. And soon, I am so accustomed to the aroma that I can no longer smell it. Perplexed I sat and pondered as I often do and came to one conclusion. This is a Heaven Scent! It surely must be the early morning sun kissing the earth. God’s way of saying rejoice, enjoy and bask in my Son!
I thought of many heaven scents I am so blessed to know. Rain…or, more so, the coming rain which is an indescribable fragrance! Or, how about the salt smell of the sea, laundry dried on the line, a puppy’s sweet breath, fresh mown grass, just turned soil, pine after the rain. I love the outdoorsy smell of an energetic toddler in from play, the aroma of fresh brewed coffee, baking smells of vanilla and sugar, the yeasty smell of rising bread, the bury my face in its blossoms fragrance of lilacs, bitter sweet chocolate…oh, be still my heart, I praise my creator for giving me a nose and the sense of smell so I may enjoy the beauty of Heaven sent heavenly scents!!!