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Heaven Scent

I walked out the door early this morning and just like many, but not all mornings for the past few weeks, a lovely scent wrapped itself around me. I sniffed through my garden trying to find the source. Earlier I had thought it was chokecherry…but the chokecherry blossoms are long gone. I sniffed every tree, weed and plant but could not find it. And soon, I am so accustomed to the aroma that I can no longer smell it. Perplexed I sat and pondered as I often do and came to one conclusion. This is a Heaven Scent! It surely must be the early morning sun kissing the earth. God’s way of saying rejoice, enjoy and bask in my Son!
I thought of many heaven scents I am so blessed to know. Rain…or, more so, the coming rain which is an indescribable fragrance! Or, how about the salt smell of the sea, laundry dried on the line, a puppy’s sweet breath, fresh mown grass, just turned soil, pine after the rain. I love the outdoorsy smell of an energetic toddler in from play, the aroma of fresh brewed coffee, baking smells of vanilla and sugar, the yeasty smell of rising bread, the bury my face in its blossoms fragrance of lilacs, bitter sweet chocolate…oh, be still my heart, I praise my creator for giving me a nose and the sense of smell so I may enjoy the beauty of Heaven sent heavenly scents!!!

Twenty-six letters

“Baba, do you know there are twenty-six letters in the alphabet?” Exclaimed five and a half year old Tessa, who was sitting in the back of the van on a short road trip, looking through an ABC book.  “So, are all the words in the world written with just those letters?” ….it is a bit amazing isn’t it?? I mean, have you just stopped and gazed around a bookstore or library…. books, books, books!!!!!  Sentences, paragraphs, pages, chapters volumes of words and only 26 letters! WOW!

This was the day!

Today was THAT day…..every year there is one perfect day in May…a day when the sky is crystal clear and blue all day long, the temperature is in the high 70’s, there is no wind (only a slight  breeze every so often) the grass is totally green and the trees and shrubs are decorated in lacy spring-green budding leaves, birds are singing, flitting among the bushes and building nests.  I dug and planted, potted and watered…..I sat here and there on benches and chairs and rocks and simply right in the middle of a garden patch and spent quiet moments dreaming, imagining what this garden of mine will look like in full bloom and I praised God for this perfect day! Yes, this is the day….I want to yell STOP!…STOP time stop right here….let it be May 17 for 30 days….give me 30 days of this day….then it can be May 18th and continue on for the summer.   Perhaps heaven is a little like THIS DAY!!!! 

“This is the day the Lord  has made let us rejoice and be glad in it!!!!!”   Psalm 118:24

Cobalt Blue!

Cobalt blue!!  Just saying it causes a sensation of explosion in my mind!  Brilliant, bright …bluer than any crayon in my box!

I love that color!

I saw a cobalt blue car the other day…it really caught my eye , I did a double take and my mind exploded with a “Wow!!”

I love that color!…I don’t think I would wear it, don’t want a car that color…but cobalt blue is a feast to my eyes!

I looked it up in the dictionary: cobalt-an ore considered by miners to be worthless and injurious because it contains arsnic.  However it’s compounds are used in inks, paints and varnishes and it is used in the treatment of cancer.    cobalt blue: a pigment containing cobalt and aluminum oxides.

Well, that boils it down scientifically but it can’t take the excitement out of the color…I still love feasting my eyes on cobalt blue!!!!

Random thoughts

Gee…so much is going through my head today….no wonder I am on “air head” mode.  Can’t remember what I was going to write about…in fact

I forget where I’m going and I’m already there….

Quite frankly it gives me quite a scare!

I put the toothpaste in the fridge and cream on the shelf

And when I look into the mirror I hardly recognize myself!

Of course if truth be told, that mirror is getting very old

Why, it’s crinkles give me wrinkles and it seems that everyday

The silly thing makes my hair look a little more gray.

What’s a Baba to do?   Think I’ll buy a new mirror!

Garden walk

Do you remember the song “Mocking Bird Hill”?  It starts: “Tra la la twiddle dee dee dee it gives me a thrill to wake up in the morning to the mocking bird’s trill”…. the last verse…

“When it’s late in the evening I climb up my hill and survey all my kingdom while everything’s still…”

And that is what I do…survey all my kingdom(garden)

In the summer I love to stroll thru my gardens to sit awhile here and there enjoying each spot.  I come in the early morning…I meander thru during the heat of the day finding a shady spot to rest and I come at twilight….and “I survey all my kingdom while everthing is still”

I marvel at the beauty of growing blooming things…of how that tiny seed I pushed into the soil has become a mass of beautiful flowers…and it brings to mind a verse I read somewhere.  I have it painted on a sign which hangs in my garden today.

“Who plants a seed beneath the sod

And waits to see, believes in God.”

God is sharing His Kingdom with me!!!!!

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