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God keeps His promises

Every Christmas/New Year for the past 45 years I have written a poem as our Christmas card. This year I wrote…

If ever you have doubted God’s love and grace,
If ever you’ve wondered if He gives comfort and peace,
(2 Corinthians 1:3-4)
If ever you have been uncertain that the Bible is true,
That God would do what He promised to do…
(Psalm 18:30)
Believe!!!! It is true!!
I want to shout it from the mountain tops
And all around the town
Dear ones, cling to Jesus, He will never let you down.
(Matthew 28:20)
When my soul was aching
When my heart was breaking
He picked up all the pieces and held me close to Him
And then…
He comforted me and gave me peace I’ll never understand.
(Matthew 5:4. Philippians 4:7)
Just when I thought the sorrow was too much to bear
My Savior held me up – He was there!
(Psalm 34:18)
When tears come, He wipes them away
(Isaiah 25:8)
And gives me strength to face a new day.
God is always beside me, He is so good,
He gives me comfort and peace
Just like He said He would
(Matthew 11:28)
Death…where is your sting?
(1 Corinthians 15:55)
It is not the end, only the beginning
Lexie is with Jesus!!
She is happy, she is grinning!!!
(Romans 6:5. John 14:2-3)
We have this promise;
His word He has given
(Proverbs 30:5)
(1 Corinthians 2:9. 2 Peter 3:13)

In loving memory of Alexa Lee Wach. June 10, 1995-Oct 28, 2016

I have been thinking a lot about shoes or, that shoe by the side of the road.

I have too many shoes!! Shoes are under my bed, they clutter the floor of my closet, they are beside my bed, beside my favorite chair, in my gym bag and in the trunk of my car! I once heard a woman say she had over fifty pairs of shoes, and my self-righteous self said “that is sinful!” So I counted mine and yes, I too am a sinful woman! “Well”, I rationalized, “ya gotta have dress shoes in black, brown and navy, ya gotta have casual shoes in all three colors plus tan and everyone needs a red pair! Sandals for dress, sandals for casual in several summer colors. Shoes for the garden, shoes for the snow, plus tennis shoes…yep in polka-dot, plaid, striped and plain. not to mention running shoes (I don’t even run), walking shoes and wading shoes, that’s right they are called water shoes for when you want to go barefoot I guess”
I bought one of those helpful shoe storage bags that fit under the bed that holds 16 pair of shoes. I was able to cram over twenty pair in there by doubling up. Then I filled the shoe rack in my closet plus a box for seasonal shoes!! Too many shoes. I didn’t check those under the bed for over a year…funny I hadn’t missed them at all! So I took stock and gave away every pair that hurt my feet, squeezed my bunion or chaffed my toes. I still have way too many shoes!

That Shoe By The Side Of The Road
Have you ever wondered, as I often do
When beside the road you see a boot or a shoe
What is it doing there? and where was it going?
Can you step out of a shoe without even knowing?
And why would the owner just go off and leave it?
It seems to me you would go back and retrieve it.
For what good is just one shoe?
To be of any use, you really need two!
It looks so sad sitting there watching the cars go by…
I wonder, don’t you? If shoes can cry.
And just how long should a single shoe wait
Before hopping off in search of it’s mate?
And do they instinctively know
Where all the single shoes go?
I like to think there is a place somewhere out there
Where all single shoes find the other half of their pair!
Yes, I do believe “Shoe Heaven” must be their goal,
Because everyone knows…..all shoes have a sole.


I think it was Elvis who sang the song Memories.  One line is, “Memories, pressed between the pages of my mind.”  What a visual!!  Can’t you just see the worn and faded pages? Do you slowly turn the pages of your mind finding long lost treasures you’ve tucked there? ….I do, I often spend time lingering over the the pages of my mind..discovering bits and pieces of memories I’ve lovingly preserved between the pages.

I recently attended a dear cousin’s memorial service and several family members and friends shared many memories about this much loved man.  I thought how sad it was that he was not there to hear those stories and to add his own to the retelling. It is so sad that we often, or almost always, wait until someone is gone to recall memories we hold dear.  Just imagine the joy of recalling memories together……not waiting.  That is exactly what I plan to do.  I am going on a journey, a virtual search through my mental scrapbook   and I am going to share precious memories I find pressed between the pages of my mind.

Ah…my friend, come over here and sit,

I’ve got a mightly hankerin’ to reminisce a bit.

I want to stroll down memory lane, together you and I.

I want to talk about those happy days gone by.

I want to hear the music we listened to back then,

Don’t those “old” tunes take you back again?

Let’s taste the milk and honey of the memories we share

As we wander back to those days without a care.

I want to laugh at something silly until my sides split.

I surely have a hankerin’ to reminisce a bit.

Oh, my friend, we’ll laugh and probably we’ll cry

As we walk down memory lane, together you and I.

Then sometime in the future I hope we’ll sit together just this way

And we can reminisce about the fun we had today.

Random thoughts

Gee…so much is going through my head today….no wonder I am on “air head” mode.  Can’t remember what I was going to write about…in fact

I forget where I’m going and I’m already there….

Quite frankly it gives me quite a scare!

I put the toothpaste in the fridge and cream on the shelf

And when I look into the mirror I hardly recognize myself!

Of course if truth be told, that mirror is getting very old

Why, it’s crinkles give me wrinkles and it seems that everyday

The silly thing makes my hair look a little more gray.

What’s a Baba to do?   Think I’ll buy a new mirror!

Cripple Creek

“Goin’ up to Cripple Creek, goin’ on the run

Goin’ up to Cripple Creek to have a little fun”…….To many people that means “gambling”  “taking a chance”.  But not for me…I like to go to soak up some history.  I like to gaze across the lay-out of that little town and imagine it in it’s hey day!

In my mind I see hundreds of houses and store fronts and thousands of people milling in the streets, “  taking a chance” on life. Wagons, horses and mules clutter the scene while miners, sturdy women, prospectors, entrepreneurs, ladies of ill repute, the newly rich, the very poor, plain folk and fancy folk are all making history….and it was just a little over a hundrd years ago.

There is a marvelous new museum called the Pikes Peak Heritage Center perched on a hill opposite the Mollie Kathleen Mine.

This great new attraction boasts some of the finest panoramic views of Cripple Creek and beyond.  It features an informative film on C.C. history that is very well done. Great photography and bits of history are masterfully displayed throughout the grand structure. It would take several hours to really appreciate it all.  I was with a senior bus group from The West Center and so had to hurry on….you can be sure I will return to spend more time.

On we went to down town Cripple Creek for lunch then to the Butte Theater so see an absolutely fantastic version of Rogers & Hammerstein’s “Oklahoma!”  David Craven as Curly had a magnificent voice booming out “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning” to start the play in musical motion!  Anna Malone as Ado Annie was equally enchanting especially her rendition of “I’m Just a Girl Who Can’t Say No”  The entire cast was superb and kept the audience tapping its feet to the familiar tunes as the story unfolded.

This procution can hold its own to others I have paid more than four times as much to see.  It was very professional and a terrific bargain for theater works of this caliber.  Even at the price of gas (which, by the way, is cheaper in Woodland Park at $3.69 gal.)  you can’t go wrong….Adults just $14.75 and Seniors $12.75.

The show runs through September..This “nugget of gold” is a must see.  Kudos to The Thin Air Theater Company of Cripple Creek!

Route 66

Well…we went out of town for a couple of days and while I was gone my birthday slipped up on me.They have a way of doing that you know, Birthdays….they sneak up on you when you aren’t looking! But really, I love birthdays!!!! I like to celebrate mine for several weeks! Last year I was shouting, “Hey, I’m sixty-five and still alive!”
This year….
I’m gonna get me a Tshirt that says “Route 66”
Cuz I’m going down that highway and I ain’t missin’ any licks.
I’m exploring every byway, leaving no stone unturned
Cuz time will wait for no one, that’s one thing I have learned!
When opportunity knocks, I’m stepping through that door
Gonna go ahead and do it and procrastinate no more!
Just like the grandkids, I’m gonna jump and skip and twirl
Cuz there’s still a lot of life left in this old girl!
Life is full of adventure, I’m gonna live every minute.
Like a tube of toothpaste I’ll squeeze out everything that’s in it!
I want to travel, laugh and sing and have all kinds of fun!
I’m on my way, so look out world…I’ve only just begun!
I want to live life to the fullest, do everything I can
To make this a better world and to help my fellow man!
Now I’m no Pollyanna, I know there will be some sorrow too,
But with my hand in the Savior’s, He will see me through.
And when this life is over, when my time on earth is done;
I want to skid into heaven shouting,Wow! that sure was fun!

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