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Month: May 2008

Route 66

Well…we went out of town for a couple of days and while I was gone my birthday slipped up on me.They have a way of doing that you know, Birthdays….they sneak up on you when you aren’t looking! But really, I love birthdays!!!! I like to celebrate mine for several weeks! Last year I was shouting, “Hey, I’m sixty-five and still alive!”
This year….
I’m gonna get me a Tshirt that says “Route 66”
Cuz I’m going down that highway and I ain’t missin’ any licks.
I’m exploring every byway, leaving no stone unturned
Cuz time will wait for no one, that’s one thing I have learned!
When opportunity knocks, I’m stepping through that door
Gonna go ahead and do it and procrastinate no more!
Just like the grandkids, I’m gonna jump and skip and twirl
Cuz there’s still a lot of life left in this old girl!
Life is full of adventure, I’m gonna live every minute.
Like a tube of toothpaste I’ll squeeze out everything that’s in it!
I want to travel, laugh and sing and have all kinds of fun!
I’m on my way, so look out world…I’ve only just begun!
I want to live life to the fullest, do everything I can
To make this a better world and to help my fellow man!
Now I’m no Pollyanna, I know there will be some sorrow too,
But with my hand in the Savior’s, He will see me through.
And when this life is over, when my time on earth is done;
I want to skid into heaven shouting,Wow! that sure was fun!


Sometimes we are called SOG’s…Silly Old Grandmas…and I suppose we are! Why when my first Grandbaby was born…she kept us waiting two weeks past due date…then came into the the world red, wrinkled and a bit “overdone”….but she was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. Now 13 years later she is still gorgeous, smart, delightful and wonderful…just listen to me! I am indeed a SOG. That reminds me of a joke my husband loves to tell.
There were two old gentlemen sitting in the coffee shop. One says to the other, “Say, have I ever told you about my grandchildren?” And the other replied, “No, and I appreciate that.”

So I try not to brag too much about my overly bright and beautiful grandkids.

What’s a Baba??

We come in all sizes, shapes and colors. We are from every culture and we are everywhere in the world!  We have been around since Eve was middle aged!  We are called Nana, Oma, Granny, Grandma, Grandmother,  Granna (that is a cross between Grandma and Nana)Grammy and my personal favorite Baba.  I am a Baba…..(Slovakian roots) My nine grandchildren and many of their friends call me Baba…I love it!  Becoming a Baba has been the most wonderful thing that ever has happened to me!  Oh, how blessed I am!

People told us and we never doubted it was true

But you really can’t comprehend it until it happens to you.

Words cannot explain it….it just can’t be understood…

The wonder of the ‘state’ we’re in…..Grandparenthood!!!!

Those tiny newborn bundles that we cradled in our arms

Have become precious little people full of endearing charms!

They burst into this world and right from the start

Wrapped a hand around our fingers and their lives around our hearts.

Their eyes are bright with anticipation as they come through our door.

Oh the giggles of delight as Grandpa romps with them on the floor.

A story and a cuddle snuggled close on Baba’s lap…

Or sound asleep on Grandpa’s chest for a cozy little nap.

Only God in His great plan could ever have known

How much we need babies when our own kids are grown!

Thank you, Lord for grandbabies, and bless them we pray,

May they grow in faith and love for you each and every day!                

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