when God was giving talents
He didn’t give me a singing voice
Or music in my head
But He didn’t pass me by
He gave me rhyming words instead!
Oh my goodness…There are times
When everything I think or say
Comes out in rhymes!!
But when I feel like singing
That sure doesn’t help me
Even though my words rhyme
I still sing way off key!!!
But I don’t think God cares if I can carry a tune
Or play the piano or a big bassoon!
I can sing and dance and twirl and spin
When I am alone with Him!
The music that I hear spins around in my brain
But when it comes out of my mouth
It doesn’t sound the same!
But God knows my heart is bursting with song
And he cares for my soul and not the sound!
So when joy bursts out, when I can’t keep it in
My God knows… I sing for Him!!!