“Goin’ up to Cripple Creek, goin’ on the run

Goin’ up to Cripple Creek to have a little fun”…….To many people that means “gambling”  “taking a chance”.  But not for me…I like to go to soak up some history.  I like to gaze across the lay-out of that little town and imagine it in it’s hey day!

In my mind I see hundreds of houses and store fronts and thousands of people milling in the streets, “  taking a chance” on life. Wagons, horses and mules clutter the scene while miners, sturdy women, prospectors, entrepreneurs, ladies of ill repute, the newly rich, the very poor, plain folk and fancy folk are all making history….and it was just a little over a hundrd years ago.

There is a marvelous new museum called the Pikes Peak Heritage Center perched on a hill opposite the Mollie Kathleen Mine.

This great new attraction boasts some of the finest panoramic views of Cripple Creek and beyond.  It features an informative film on C.C. history that is very well done. Great photography and bits of history are masterfully displayed throughout the grand structure. It would take several hours to really appreciate it all.  I was with a senior bus group from The West Center and so had to hurry on….you can be sure I will return to spend more time.

On we went to down town Cripple Creek for lunch then to the Butte Theater so see an absolutely fantastic version of Rogers & Hammerstein’s “Oklahoma!”  David Craven as Curly had a magnificent voice booming out “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning” to start the play in musical motion!  Anna Malone as Ado Annie was equally enchanting especially her rendition of “I’m Just a Girl Who Can’t Say No”  The entire cast was superb and kept the audience tapping its feet to the familiar tunes as the story unfolded.

This procution can hold its own to others I have paid more than four times as much to see.  It was very professional and a terrific bargain for theater works of this caliber.  Even at the price of gas (which, by the way, is cheaper in Woodland Park at $3.69 gal.)  you can’t go wrong….Adults just $14.75 and Seniors $12.75.

The show runs through September..This “nugget of gold” is a must see.  Kudos to The Thin Air Theater Company of Cripple Creek!