I am being pushed, pulled and dragged into this new(?) tech age kicking and screaming!!! I can’t do it I don’t understand it …..it scares me!
It all started when I advanced from the old typewriter to a word processor! That was a step I totally endorsed! Why I could type like a demon then go back and easily correct my mistakes. I was in writer’s heaven! Then…. the kids decided I needed to upgrade to a computer. I resisted, “really?” I said, ” I love my word processor” “oh, but Mom just look what you can do with a computer” it all looked so confusing… but the email part had me convinced… and could Google become my friend? Before I knew it a quarter of my tv room was filled with computer. It needed a desk with shelves to hold gigantic pieces of equipment… it had to be hooked up to the phone and there were cords everywhere! And.. of course it needed another shelf for a printer which entailed more cords! Oh my, had I sold my soul to the devil?!?!
About that same time I got my first cell phone! I did like my little flip phone… it was for emergencies right? I had to remember to take it with me, it was nice…but then the kids pushed me a little farther into the tech world… I needed to be able to text!!! Text? What is that? It took me awhile to get my fingers on the right buttons but soon I was texting away and enjoying the convenience! Oh, but wait!!! Now there are ‘eye’ or is it ‘I’phones? …oh come on… slow down technology. And then … you guessed it I was convinced I needed a smart phone!!! Well that would be fine if it was smarter than I seem to be!
So, back to the computer filling my tv room! Well, I never learned how to do a lot of those wonderful things on that monster but we became realatively good friends. We typed reports, wrote letters, emailed and googled! And then…the daughter decided I should have a lap top… “just look mom, you could take it into another room, you wouldn’t be confined to sitting at the monster’s desk and it would get rid of a lot of the ‘stuff’ and we could get rid of the huge desk and move the printer into the closet”. Halfway convinced I conceded! Of course there was an adjustment period but I had to admit it was a good move! I got to know Pinterest (be still my heart) I was introduced to Amazon, google maps, games…. there is an ap for everything!!!
You guessed it…. then it was decided I should get a tablet…. a what??? Not the Big Chief tablet of my youth… this one is smaller than that and oh so handy!! Ok I admit I love my tablet!!! I can do all the things I did on my laptop.. how cool is that!
A luxury becomes a necessity once you experience it! I heard that long ago and it is certainly true!
The I really stepped over the edge… I sucummed to electronic devices yesterday… oh what have I done now??? I am wearing a Fitbit!!! Am I crazy? The thing tells me how many steps I’ve taken and how many calories I’ve burned. That is a good thing but it also rouses me if I sit still for an hour, it even
wants to know how much water I drink. As my daughter hovers over me exclaiming all the wonderful things this little purple band is going to do, I am gasping for air sliding right into the technical world I have resisted every step of the way!!!