Cobalt blue!!  Just saying it causes a sensation of explosion in my mind!  Brilliant, bright …bluer than any crayon in my box!

I love that color!

I saw a cobalt blue car the other day…it really caught my eye , I did a double take and my mind exploded with a “Wow!!”

I love that color!…I don’t think I would wear it, don’t want a car that color…but cobalt blue is a feast to my eyes!

I looked it up in the dictionary: cobalt-an ore considered by miners to be worthless and injurious because it contains arsnic.  However it’s compounds are used in inks, paints and varnishes and it is used in the treatment of cancer.    cobalt blue: a pigment containing cobalt and aluminum oxides.

Well, that boils it down scientifically but it can’t take the excitement out of the color…I still love feasting my eyes on cobalt blue!!!!