Do you remember the song “Mocking Bird Hill”?  It starts: “Tra la la twiddle dee dee dee it gives me a thrill to wake up in the morning to the mocking bird’s trill”…. the last verse…

“When it’s late in the evening I climb up my hill and survey all my kingdom while everything’s still…”

And that is what I do…survey all my kingdom(garden)

In the summer I love to stroll thru my gardens to sit awhile here and there enjoying each spot.  I come in the early morning…I meander thru during the heat of the day finding a shady spot to rest and I come at twilight….and “I survey all my kingdom while everthing is still”

I marvel at the beauty of growing blooming things…of how that tiny seed I pushed into the soil has become a mass of beautiful flowers…and it brings to mind a verse I read somewhere.  I have it painted on a sign which hangs in my garden today.

“Who plants a seed beneath the sod

And waits to see, believes in God.”

God is sharing His Kingdom with me!!!!!