My sister who raised her children on a farm tells the story of calling for her toddler playing outside.. when he didn’t respond she hollored “Steven, say mama!” When he did she followed his voice and found him behind the chicken coop!

I incorporated that technique when texting my grandkids… if I do not get a response I text ‘just say Baba’ so I know they are alright!

Days after Lexie died I yearned to text her … ‘just say Baba’
In fact I said it in my heart over and over, ‘Lex, just say Baba’ I want to know that you are Ok.

The week after the beautiful memorial as I was sorting through some children’s books for Twice Upon A Time*, A red bag of books was lying on top of a new delivery. I pulled out the top book… ‘There’s A Party In Heaven’* My text from Lexie just saying ‘Baba’ had arrived!

*There’s a Party In Heaven by Gary Bower
*Twice Upon A Time is a ministry collecting gently used and outgrown children’s books to distribute to less privileged children to encourage reading. To date this ministry (soon to celebrate its fifth year) has distributed over 11,000 books!