Seasons come and seasons go…
Winter warns us with shorter days, cooler nights, a sprinkling of snow on the mountains.
Spring tip-toes…is bashful, she peeks in one day and darts back into winter’s shadow the next. By the time she finally arrives summer has pushed itself in in full force!
Ahh summer…beautiful days, warm evenings, green grass and bright flowers in all their glory! The long lazy days of summer.
While we are clinging to those glorious days of summer…there it is, all at once, the golden glow of Autumn dancing before my eyes in a smorgasbord of colors…like an over-enthusiastic child waving its arms and shouting, “Look at me, look at me!” God has opened his paint box and no words can describe the wonder of his lavish work of art….oh the beauty…
Fall is in my face!!
Sunflowers courageously waving along the roadside are summer’s encore they seem to be shouting “One more dance…just one more dance!”