I have too many shoes!! Shoes are under my bed, they clutter the floor of my closet, they are beside my bed, beside my favorite chair, in my gym bag and in the trunk of my car! I once heard a woman say she had over fifty pairs of shoes, and my self-righteous self said “that is sinful!” So I counted mine and yes, I too am a sinful woman! “Well”, I rationalized, “ya gotta have dress shoes in black, brown and navy, ya gotta have casual shoes in all three colors plus tan and everyone needs a red pair! Sandals for dress, sandals for casual in several summer colors. Shoes for the garden, shoes for the snow, plus tennis shoes…yep in polka-dot, plaid, striped and plain. not to mention running shoes (I don’t even run), walking shoes and wading shoes, that’s right they are called water shoes for when you want to go barefoot I guess”
I bought one of those helpful shoe storage bags that fit under the bed that holds 16 pair of shoes. I was able to cram over twenty pair in there by doubling up. Then I filled the shoe rack in my closet plus a box for seasonal shoes!! Too many shoes. I didn’t check those under the bed for over a year…funny I hadn’t missed them at all! So I took stock and gave away every pair that hurt my feet, squeezed my bunion or chaffed my toes. I still have way too many shoes!

That Shoe By The Side Of The Road
Have you ever wondered, as I often do
When beside the road you see a boot or a shoe
What is it doing there? and where was it going?
Can you step out of a shoe without even knowing?
And why would the owner just go off and leave it?
It seems to me you would go back and retrieve it.
For what good is just one shoe?
To be of any use, you really need two!
It looks so sad sitting there watching the cars go by…
I wonder, don’t you? If shoes can cry.
And just how long should a single shoe wait
Before hopping off in search of it’s mate?
And do they instinctively know
Where all the single shoes go?
I like to think there is a place somewhere out there
Where all single shoes find the other half of their pair!
Yes, I do believe “Shoe Heaven” must be their goal,
Because everyone knows…..all shoes have a sole.