Familieze………I know that is not a real word…hey I made it up..pretty cool uh?  It is that special language that all families have that is their very own. Our family has many special words or phrases that make no sense to anyone but us.  For instance “goose guitar”.  This phrase is used quite frequently in our family and it means:  don’t get your hopes and expectations up too high because you might be disappointed.  It all came about when Joe was about three.  The kids received The Humpty Dumpty magazine. In one edition there was a craft project: “Make Your Own Goose Guitar”  Well, Joe was so excited, so he and dad followed the directions perfectly.  First you carefully color the picture of a very stretched out goose, then you cut out the page and glue a piece of cardboard to the back.  Next, dad cuts out the goose then you  string rubber bands from the  beak to the feet….wallla!!! a goose guitar.  And Joe said, “Is that all there is?”  In his three year old mind he was sure a real guitar would appear if you followed the directions!  Thus, one phrase in our familieze…..when something looks too good to be true, or in anticipation of anything fun….One of us is bound to say….”watch out it might be a goose guitar!”