A baby girl was born into our family on April 1, 2009!!!

My 10th grandchild!!! she is beautiful, I held her for hours, I kissed her downy head, I touched her perfect soft skin, gazed at her and memorized her tiny little nose, perfect rosebud mouth, slender wee fingers and precious miniscule toes. She scrunched her face in frowns and yawns and she smiled at me! (Grandmas, you know they smile at us don’t you?…they can call it “gas” or whatever, but we ‘know’ don’t we?) As she wrapped those perfectly formed fingers around my arthritic one I tried to imagine……would she want to wear curls or pigtails or ponytails? ribbons and bows or baseball caps? Would she be a princess dressed in pink froth or would she prefer blue denim? Would she rather dance or play soccer?….????

Then I prayed for her…for joy, for peace, strength, health, love, humor,and for just enough strife so she will appreciate her blessings…and then I prayed that she will always walk with Jeus!

A baby….a sign of hope in an unsettled world.