I remember singing the ABC song….isn’t that how we all learned the alphabet?  Twenty-six letters that have the potential of making a gazillion words! Amazing!  I have seen gigantic dictionaries!  Words, words words. I love words, I love to read and I love to write!  I even like to read the dictionary!  Years ago I started a journal I called The ABC’s of Praise.  I am going to resurrect that journal on these pages one at a time.

My first entry:  Thank you Lord for the alphabet…it helps us keep things in order, just as Your way and Your creation are in order, there is an order to all You have created.  The alphabet helps me keep lists…lists of names, places and things.  It is the means to our communication via words. It is there to describe thoughts and ideas and to share with others verbally or written  Thank You Father for our ABC’s!!!